Regular servicing of your caravan or motorhome will protect the long-term value of your important asset.  It is also very important to the road worthy compliance and your safety when towing your van or driving your motor home.  Servicing improves reliability and improved resale value.

There are safety and legal issues too.  Every vehicle or trailer is required by law to be in a condition where it does not cause danger to anyone.  Some items you can easily check for yourself, such as tyres and lights, but the braking system and the electrical and gas items inside the habitation area need to be checked by the experts.

Our workshop has extensive specialist equipment that most owners will not have access to, such as a lifting equipment, specialised tools, gas and electrical testing equipment.  Most manufactures specify regular annual servicing intervals, or more often dependent on the amount of travel the vehicle undertakes.  Manufacturers- warranty schemes generally insist on at least an annual service and most only accept servicing by authorised repairers, which we are one for all makes and models.

Remember, not all items in the caravan or motorhome will be covered by the annual service as a matter of course.  The refrigerator, for example, may need periodic servicing, with at least one company requiring an annual service for its fridges as part of the warranty agreement.  However, refrigerators – as with cookers and space heaters – are normally only checked for correct functioning during the vehicles annual service. You should check the applicable component maker’s instructions or warranty for the frequency of servicing of these items and advise your workshop if you require the appliance to be serviced rather than just checked for function.

Remember tyres deteriorate with age and even though you may have plenty of tread left, we will notify you if replacement is recommended.  If they are more than seven years old (using the date marked on the tyre) we will recommend replacement.

A vital part of any annual service is the damp check, and this is an integral part of our annual inspection.  We will let you know if we suspect you have a water and damp problem in your vehicle.

To comply with the manufacturer’s warranty requirements, we recommend having a service completed during the winter months when our workshop is less busy. Try to avoid periods from September to December our peak period, when many owners are preparing for the Christmas holiday peak season.  If you are one of the growing band of all-year caravanners, let us know if you are still using the caravan when you book so we can schedule the same day service.