Safety Certificate

Are you planning to sell your motorhome or caravan? Are you planning a road trip and your vehicle has been sitting for an extended period between trips?

Whether you are selling, buying or transferring your caravan/camper or motorhome, a safety certificate is required. If your caravan/camper or motorhome has gas permanently fitted, you will also require a gas certificate. We can help you with both.

Our technicians are fully insured, Queensland Transport licensed approved examiners. Our reports will give you the peace of mind that the people who build and service your caravan/camper or motorhome understand the complete inner workings, are the most qualified to complete your inspection.  If we find something not quite right, then you will be in the best place to have it fixed.

Ring and book your saftey inspection today.

For all of your Safety and Gas Certification inquiries please contact our Service Department

Mon to Thu 8am to 4pm on 07 5495 1966 or 07 5495 2088