Certification and Compliance

LPG / Gas Appliances

Any caravan or RV fitted with any type of LP Gas appliances, you are required to have a Gas System Compliance Certificate issued by a holder of an LP Gas Licence. A compliance certificate is also required in order to register your vehicle.

The Australian Standard for LP Gas installation is AS5601.  A certificate of currency must be issued each time a caravan is sold, even if the certificate issued with the previous sale is less than three months old. A new inspection must be carried out and new certification issued should at any time any repair or alteration be done to the original LP Gas installation.

Only a licenced LP Gas Fitter may carry out work on any part of a gas installation including the removal and replacement of appliances.


Ventilation is often taken for granted and if there is a door or window fitted, that is sufficient.  Not so.  Correct ventilation is critical as part of any caravan or motor home design and compliance. This is to prevent excessive build-up from the products of combustion, condensation, or other toxic conditions, such as carbon monoxide (CO).


All caravans and motor homes are fitted with an electrical system, which may include road-lights, a 12-volt system and/or a 240 volt system. Often batteries, solar panels, generators and other electrical equipment is installed. Is your vehicle earthed correctly, are circuit breakers fitted correctly, ensure your vehicle is compliant?

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